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Nadine's Story

When Nadine Wall saw the name 24 Hours of Booty, her curiosity got the best of her. “I was online, checking out Giordana jerseys when I saw the name and the icon,” she remembers. “I just had to click!”

When she saw that the event benefitted cancer-fighting charities, she couldn’t resist. Nadine had recently been diagnosed with thyroid cancer herself, and undergone the treatment. She soon signed up a team of twenty family members and friends to ride with her on a team called Sweet Rides. She uses Sweet Rides as a platform to bring family and friends together, but also loves to ride her bike to stay in shape.

Sweet Rides made their mark on the Atlanta event with their yearly version of fundraising luminaries. They collect $5 donations and allowed donors to honor or memorialize a friend battling cancer by writing their name on a glow stick. “At dark we cracked almost 200 glow sticks and strung them on the tent. People from all over the country had their loved one’s name on our tent,” Nadine recalls.

Nadine has since gone through a second surgery and radiation therapy to treat her cancer, but remains dedicated to 24 Hours of Booty. “Its definitely a piece of my peace,” she said. “My goal is to inspire, to show people that even though we travel through these valleys, these trials, that there is treasure to be found.”