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Double Your Gift

Double your funds for double the fun. (Doublemint Twins not included.)

Some information on corporate matching: 

Remind your donors to check with their employers to see if their companies have matching gifts programs. This is a great way to double your donors' contributions to 24 Hours of Booty, while helping companies gain visibility as a result of their charitable efforts.

How to apply matching gifts from your donors to your 24 Hours of Booty fundraising campaign:

  • Donor visits their human resources department and asks for a matching gift form*.
  • For donations to 24 Hours of Booty made:
    • By mail: 
      Donor fills out the matching gift form and mails it with their contributions to 24 Hours of Booty:

24 Hours of Booty
        500 E. Morehead, Suite 218
Charlotte, NC 28202

  • Make checks payable to 24 Hours of Booty.
  • To receive proper credit for all donations, please include a completed 24 Hours of Booty donation form for each separate donation.
    • Online: 
      Donor makes an online donation, and then mails their completed matching gift form to 24 Hours of Booty.
  • Once we process the donation and receive the matching gift form, we will credit your account for the match. Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing time, once 24 Hours of Booty receives the donation and matching gift form.
  • 24 Hours of Booty will fill out the rest of the form and return it to the company. If the company approves the request, they will mail a matching gift check to 24 Hours of Booty.

*Some companies use an online matching system. Please ask your donor to follow their company's instructions for submitting matching gifts requests.